Baseball Umpire Ron Isola

Owen Baker-Flynn behind the plate at the 2017 Northern California Samurai

Baseball League Tournament.

Harvey Maxey, Alex Andrus, Mark Buscheck and Ken Chase at AT&T Park, May 10, 2017.

Joe Koman behind the plate at Balboa Sweeney

Softball Umpire Curtis Yee

Chuck Louie, Dave Mitchell, Anna Louie, 

Stacey Stobo, Alex Alexander, and Henry Jung at the Biennial UIC Conference in Oklahoma City February 2017

Gordon Manings,  winner of SFGSL's  first annual Henry Jung  Umpire of the Year Award.


Alex Alexander, Stacy Stobo, and Gordon Mannings at the May Louise Mays Wooden Bat Finals at AT&T Park, July 23, 2017

Paul Lewis calling balls and strikes at       Balboa Sundberg

Northern California Umpires Association