Northern California Umpires Association

     The Northern California Umpires Association is a group of independent contractors providing baseball and softball umpiring services since 1944 in San Francisco and neighboring cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The NCUA provides umpires for High School, Middle School, PONY leagues, Little Leagues, college, and adult leagues. Our group of softball umpires operate under the USA Softball of San Francisco (ASA) charter and guidelines. Our group of baseball umpires apply National Federation High School (NFHS), PONY, and Little League Green Book rules according to the league's affiliation. 

     The NCUA is looking for new members to umpire Baseball and Softball for the 2017 season. See our Contact Page

     The Northern California Umpires Association (NCUA) is offering our Annual Softball/USA San Francisco Softball Umpire School February 18-19, 2017.

     Baseball Umpire training dates are scheduled January 31-February 23, 2017.​​